What do you wish most for your pet? I most commonly hear "for them to be healthy and happy."

That is certainly something I want for all animals in my care, so it sounds terrible to say I am glad my horse got seriously injured. The truth was that if the same happened to me, I would have learnt nothing and both of us would still be suffering due to the imbalance - that I cared more for her, than for myself.

Although this imbalance served a life saving purpose at the time, as at least I wanted to "live for her" it created a unhealthy relationship.

I needed to take good care of myself, so i could take good care of her. I had to create a healthier relationship with myself, so I could create a healthier relationship with her.

What if your pet, like mine, is showing YOU the way to health and happiness? What if your pet is doing their best to show you those parts of you that need healing?

What if some of your pet's behaviour, especially the ones that trigger you, or the ones that annoy, worry, frustrate or invoke emotions (laughter, tears, anger, sadness, joy...) are the way to finding which parts need acknowledgement?

What if your pets' story, or the actions you identify and connect with deeply and personally, are all ways in which your pet is helping you heal your own hurts? What if these are all ways in which your pet is helping you become more of who you really are or want to be?

Our pets may be the only ones who really see us for who we really are. We can connect with them more deeply and open heartedly than we would to people because they are unconditional. For many pets are family - for some they are better than family. 

Your pet is like an angel who has traded it's wings for fur, loving you and encouraging you to be a healthier and happier version of yourself - but they cannot do that for you.


How can I assist?

Essentially, I assist your pet, to assist you -  it could be said I help pets with their people problems.

I help you tune in - to hear them AND hear yourself. To listen to them AND to listen to yourself.

Animals are being used more in therapy work, because they are such honest mirrors of our behaviour, they are so finely tuned to body language. Because they know when our actions and feelings do not match our words. 

We have a lot to learn from our pets, as we have lost connection with our powerful instinctive, intuitive and wilder side. Our shame and guilt interferes with us being happy and healthy and it can interfere with our pets health and happiness too. 

Do you need some assistance in tuning into your pet and yourself? To really find out what is important to you and your pet and find ways to create changes in your life? Ways to improve your relationship with yourself and your pet?

I cannot promise that it will all be easy, if it was - you would have done it already.

Call me -  0424 027 810.



Paws for a while....

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....and yourself!




Step up.

Your pet is helping you become healthier and happier and to live your dreams.



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