Did you know that when people are asked to connect to their heart by thinking of someone or something they love, those with pets will often think of their pets before other family members.

That is the wonderful things about pets - they open our hearts (which is also why their loss can feel so personally devastating).

We all want our pets to be healthy and happy. What we may not realise - is that they want the same for us. We often see the ways that they try to make us feel better, but may not see the lengths they may go to, to show us where or when we are out of balance in our lives and emotions.

Many behavioural problems, illnesses, dis-eases, even accidents/injuries are their way of trying to communicate to us or show us that something in our lives is out of balance with our dreams or purpose. Our pets may show us what we are neglecting or avoiding in our lives - and that is most commonly our emotions and our own self care.

Many pets have asked - "How can you truly be looking after me well, if you are not looking after yourself?"

Health has more to do with attitude, than with physical symptoms, and this is what our pets pick up on. The emotions and energy that we are pulling towards us or pushing away from us. Just like our bodies can tell us where we are out of whack, our pets bodies may be telling us also.

Do our pets get sick and misbehave to make us stop and notice?  To make us more aware?

In my case absolutely YES! When my horse got badly injured, I realised if my own leg had been cut, I would have got it treated and thought little more about it. At the time I realised that for me to take notice and make changes - it would take my horse being injured, not me. I no longer wanted my horse to get injured to show me what I was avoiding, so I made changes to become more self aware. I have not made an emergency veterinarian call since. If your pet becomes your reason to make changes in your life - congratulations - welcome to the club.

Your pet is communicating with you (and sometimes by putting their body on the line). I know you are hearing their messages, even if you do not think you are. I can help you GET those messages.

So how can I help you and your pet?

  • Help you create a deeper connection with your pet so that you can 'hear' them
  • Teach you to tune in (with them and yourself)
  • Learn to trust your intuition and diminish self doubt
  • Learn how our pet' stories, are also our own  
  • Know when they are 'misbehaving' it may be to make you aware of your stresses, worries, fears or where you need to change the balance

A session with me is about teaching you and providing you with the tools, resources and confidence to do it yourself. I will teach you how to find the answers for yourself - and if you think you do not know - there is your problem - you are thinking!

If learning how to 'read' or tune in with your pet yourself is not for you. Or, if you do not want to change your own situation along with your pet's - please do not call, I am not the person for you.

If you are open to learning and self improvement and would like some coaching in how to achieve that - I would love to hear from you.


When in our health, we invest

We are able to be at our best

And save visits to doctors and vets

As healthy people have healthy pets




Paws for a while....

be more in tune with your pet

....and yourself!




Step up.

Your pet is helping you become healthier and happier and to live your dreams.



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