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Healthy People Have Healthy Pets


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We love and care for our pets and want the best for them. We want them to be happy and healthy.

Did you ever think they want the same for us?

If you have ever thought or felt your pet has come into your life for a reason - you are right, they have.  We can be true selves with out pets, they see us our worst and at our best. We confide in them and they keep our secrets. Sometimes animals are the only people we feel we can trust.

They cheer us up when we are feeling down, love us unconditionally, help us heal, support us, teach us about life and they can also challenge us and can give us many things to worry about. They show us a way to health and happiness, but they cannot do it for us, we need to learn to tune in with them to hear their messages and this requires us to listen not with our ears, but your heart.

Good health is created from healthy thoughts and attitudes. Thoughts such as fear, worry and stress do not just affect us, it affects all those close to us, and especially our pets. They are more energetically sensitive and may externalise it in behaviour what we are attempting to keep inside of us. They may also push our buttons or set off triggers to help us to express ourselves when we are having difficulty doing so. Ever bawled like a baby when your pet has done something cute when you are feeling a bit down? Ever lost your cool over something quite small and wondered where it came from? Then, you know what I am talking about.

Pets do not just live in our homes and hearts, they live in the energy of our thoughts, emotions and actions. They 'know' and feel everything that is going on. Sometimes our pets can actually 'take on' our energy and may share or mirror our behaviours, attitudes, physical symptoms and diseases. Sometimes we are more concerned about our pets health and happiness than our own. Our concern for our pets is sometimes our reason for starting our own self development. Does not matter how you get there or why you get there, it is just that you get there, as

Sometimes it takes an animal to show us how to be a better person

Our pets are prepared to put their bodies on the line to show us our stuff, to show us the parts we like and dislike about ourselves and show us what needs to change and they even can show us how to do it.

Are pet's just angels that have traded their wings for fur? (....unless your pet is a bird, reptile, insect or fish!)

Learning about the dynamics of your relationship and what you have to provide to each other may give real understanding and meaning to your relationship and what is going on for you right now. The healthier and happier you are, the happier and healthier your pet is likely to be, which is why we say.

Healthy people have healthy pets 

Angela Anderson is a great intuitive healer. The session with her was very insightful, informative and empowering. Her approach is very down to earth and in alignment with her nature principles. I found it very inspiring.  - Christina, Melbourne VIC

Angela Anderson's sessions are a unique blend of the rational, logical and the intuitive. With extensive experience and education in multiple disciplines including Science, Agriculture, Corporate Business and in the practices of Kinesiology and Theta, Angela tailors her work to you and your pet, to gain greatest understanding and integration.

Consultations are conducted via telephone or internet such as Skype so you and your pet can receive all the benefits of a clinical session in the comfort of your own home. No travel and no time stress.  

What can Angela typically work on with you and your pet?

  • anxieties and depression (yes people and animals)
  • stress or changes due to changed living arrangements
  • introduction of new relationships (animals and pets) in the household or family
  • pets with changed toilet behaviour (suddenly pooing or peeing where you do not want them to)
  • changed behaviour and 'behaving badly'
  • what to do with new pets
  • help you to create a better relationship with your pet or pets
  • improve understanding and communication 
  • working with soul contracts between you and your pets
  • understand why you or your pet are together
  • assist you with your beloved pet's passing
  • help you find a solution that works for you and your lifestyle
  • how you can be less stressed about your pet
  • how to work towards a healthier pet and a healthier you

If you have questions or would like to know more, the FAQ  page may provide some answers. If not send them through to me.

And no, you do not need to have a pet. If you feel Angela is able to assist you, contact or book an appointment now.