When I grow up I want to be Dr Doolittle and talk with the animals (...and a hundred other things). In my thirties, after doing the hundred other things, I grew up and 'talked' with them.

It's never too late to live your childhood dream.

They say animals bring out the best in people. It is certainly true in my life. Less easy to admit is that they can also bring out the worst.

Who or how would I be today without my horse? I shudder to imagine. Animals have a way of showing us who we really are - the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. We express ourselves more fully and honestly with animals. We do not fear them telling or judging.

Anger, was my bad and ugly...but girls should not be angry - so I turned it on myself (not that I was aware of it at the time - I just thought I was depressed and angry at the world). When I needed a break from being angry with the world (and myself) - I got angry with my horse.... and for a nano second it felt good... and then I hated myself.

If my horse had not been there so unconditionally, I may not have got the awareness I needed, to behave differently.  Few people are capable of holding the presence and silent compassion that animals do naturally.

I have done the work... A LOT of work. I am a much healthier and happier version from being a patient, student and practitioner of Kinesiology, Theta, Reiki, Intuitive Anatomy, Family & Systemic Constellations ... and so many others.

I have transformed my relationship with myself, my world and my horse. I no longer have a horse that walks away when she sees me. I have a horse that neighs and runs up (most of the time). She is happy to leave the herd and follow me, with or without a halter.

My own pets and other people's pets have shown me so much.  How interwoven our stories are.  How 'complexly simple' our relationships with our pets are.  And how they show us where we need to heal, change and be aware.

Pets, like children, quietly ask us to become better versions of ourselves. They ask us by their reactions, behaviours and illnesses.

They look to us to be self empowered and compassionate leaders - we have so much to learn (and un-learn) about true leadership and partnership.

My horse had to put her leg through a barb wire fence before I took the step forward to following my childhood dream to really 'talk with the animals'.


I dream of freedom, health and safety for animals. I dream of world free of cruelty, but the animals keep telling me -

"For that to happen - we need to stop being so cruel to ourselves"

We need to lead the way and change how we treat ourselves

We need to stop imprisoning our souls in our 'cages'

We need to hear our own quiet voice before we can truly hear theirs

For them to be free - we need to free ourselves! 


To help the animals, we need to help ourselves - to become the most loving, empowered heart centered versions of ourselves. To follow our hearts, manifest our dream and live our purpose - without limitation and without excuses.

...I know - easier said than done - but each time we take a step out of our comfort zone, our comfort zone gets bigger and our limitations get smaller.

Even in my own quest I need your help... as for my dreams to come true, your dreams need to come true too. There are many ways in which I can help you and your pet and I would love to support you, and your pet, in living happier healthier lives.