Consultations are via phone and Skype, not just because it is saves us all time and travel, but because it is easier to receive messages from your pet when they are relaxed - no strange places or strange people visiting their home.

I have found it also to be of greater benefit to be balanced in and to the environment in which you live, rather than a clinic that you leave after the session.

I have clients in Canada and the USA, so if you are interstate or overseas and would like to work with me, I can accommodate for time difference. If you have access to phone or internet, I can assist you and your pet achieve greater health and happiness.


Contact Details - Angela Anderson, Healthy People Have Healthy Pets

Mobile: + 61 (0)424 027 810
Skype: ange_anderson
Facebook: HealthyPeopleHaveHealthyPets
LinkedIn: Angela Anderson


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