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Includes blogs on:

  • Leap … again?
  • The wisdom of horses
  • Is medicine losing it’s way
  • How to balance blood sugar
  • Sticking to a diet is not about willpower
  • What’s going on with PMS
  • Interesting women’s stuff
  • 10 warning signs of an unhappy dog
  • Is your pet telling your story?
  • From woe to go!
  • Frogs and fibroids
  • What you need to know about Pet food
  • Does fear or doubt hold you back?
  • Are your fears really yours?
  • How I love the thing I do not like about myself
  • How being sick, can be the answer to our prayers
  • 10 reasons why not to buy a pet for another
  • Should you hug your pet?
  • Truth or excuse?
  • 5 (more) things pets ask us to work on
  • 5 things pets ask us to work on
  • How to save visits to the vets
  • When is our help helpful and when is it interfering?
  • Our pets story = our own story
  • Horses – Other reasons for Laminitis and Abscesses
  • 10 things you pet wants you to know
  • 5 Love Languages – how pet teach us about love
  • Refusing to come or be caught – the meaning behind it
  • Dogma is out – Catma is in
  • When someone is cruel to an animal – send them love
  • Why animal cruelty exists
  • How your guilt is slowly killing you and your pet
  • My pet drives me crazy … makes me angry
  • I’llness and disease
  • Aggression – the meaning behind it
  • How animals take on our stuff and how you can help them release it
  • Pets as children- the four phases
  • Can we cause our pets to be sick or injured?
  • 7 Essentials for good health