Good health is not lack of symptoms. Good health is healthy thought and attitude, enjoying life with what ever 'symptoms' may be presenting.

As amazing as medicine it is, it has a tendency to make us feel like failures and there is something 'wrong' with us.  I-llness and dis-ease is the body's way of regaining balance and harmony after a resolution, such as getting sick post exams or on your much needed holiday. Your body is rebalancing after the stress has been resolved - ie. exam finished, break from work.

More unfortunate for us, we have been shamed for feeling or expressing our emotions. We have been taught to swallow, bury, deny and reject how we feel - good girls don't get angry and big boys don't cry.

Nothing likes to be ignored and emotions are no different. Like a two year old, when ignored they escalate. They scream louder. We may try to quieten with 'lollies', but the need is unresolved - usually the need for - acknowledgment, love, acceptance or forgiveness - most of the time we get the opposite.

Unresolved stuff WILL cycle back in our lives in an attempt to get resolution, but it can be really difficult to see our own cycles and patterns. They usually come out in relationships and we believe it is their stuff. Our pets pick up on what is unresolved or avoided and these emotional stresses ‘come back’ or are mirrored through their behaviour and dis-eases. We may end up dealing what is unresolved in us, through being forced to deal with them. We may heal through them - it may be through their dis-ease, behaviour or death that we achieve healing.

If you recognise this. Well done and congratulations, you are human and taken the first step. Awareness and acknowledgement.

Your next step: Move past feelings of guilt, shame or other unresolved emotions and take action to make changes.

If you your next step is to get some guidance in working out what changes need to be made - call me, email me, text me.... (0424 027 810)

You can work with me in various ways:

Become more in tune with yourself and with your pet – be happier and healthier. Lead by example and let them follow your lead.


For the comfort of you and your pet I do sessions via phone, Skype or Zoom. In a session we work with both you and your pet.

Guidance Packages

Breaking the habit of being ourselves may mean we have to stand strong strong against challenges. This is extra support for when situations and people seem in opposition, as if saying "are you sure you want to change?" Like a dance, when we change it requires the other to change, they can follow your lead or fall out of step.

I can be your lighthouse. I can guide you away from the rocks and give you your bearings. I can stand by you and be a beacon to help you hold your course, but you have to sail your ship. You are your captain.

Courses & Workshops

Stop saying "I wish I knew what they were saying." Learn how to tune in with your pet and learn to trust your intuition, with on-line courses to suit all budgets.