What can I help you and your pet with?
Often our behaviour and pattern are ingrained or habitual and we need additional support to help us ‘re-wire’ ourselves and break the habit of being ourselves.

Our pets and those nearest to us are particularly good at finding our weak spots (and also our strengths) and are also good at challenging us – “Do you really want to change?”

Our pets may trigger childhood or life occurrences of:
• Anger or frustration
• Anxiety or depression
• Feeling powerlessness or helplessness
• Abandonment or rejection
• Shame or guilt
• Grief and deep loss

Our pet’s story is often intertwined with our own. The reason why they found you may be the reason why you are looking for answers here now.

Our pets want us to:

• Deal and heal our anger and frustration
• Be self-empowered and stand for ourselves
• Set healthy boundaries
• Heal our emotional hurts, especially from childhood
• Let go of shame and guilt
• Let go of grief and deep loss
• Love and appreciate ourselves more

They are showing you the way.  I am here to help you and your pet.  To support you in the challenges of creating changes in your life, No matter how big or small, they always feel big. Sometimes it takes another to make us notices that we need to change, my pets certainly have done that for me. It is one of the way, pets do make us better people.

Coaching packages provides you with additional email and ad-hoc call support, to help you in those difficult times and to support and encourage you to work past your old way and comfort zones.