Does your pet display, or trigger in you, emotions such as:
• Anxiety
• Anger or frustration
• Powerlessness or helplessness
• Abandonment or rejection
• Shame or guilt
• Grief or deep loss

Or are you worried or challenged through their behavior or disease and you are looking for a more holistic approach.

Have you tried veterinary assistance and are not getting the result you would hope, or do the issues keep coming back?

Do you feel at a loss about what to do about your pet?

Do you think there is more going on than can be addressed by veterinary or other practices?

Do you feel that you are the ‘cause’ of your pet’s illness and would like to address or change that?

Is your pet getting old and would you like to know what their wishes are?

If you would like assistance with these, or other issues that you feel that I can help you with, please feel free to contact me.
….or at least check out my blog.


Can I help you?
I know you care about your pet, or you would not be reading this. If you are also willing to take responsibility, let go of self-blame and wish to change for the better – I can help you and your pet.

It is not about having to fit a solution – it is about creating a solution that fits you.


Don’t I have to be physically with you, in the same room?
The truth that many people do not realize is that we heal ourselves. Even if a doctor or vet performs surgery – it is our bodies that closes up the wound and creates the scar. Our bodies work constantly towards creating balance.

Emotions and environmental factors can affect our bodies state of health for the better or worse. By changing them for the better, you feel better and so does your pet. Help your body be its best by providing the best emotional and environmental support. It really can be that simple.

When your pet is in their familiar environment they are more relaxed and open and thus are easier to tune in with than when under more stressful strange and unfamiliar surroundings. Intuition and energetic healing can actually be enhanced with distance.

Quite often when I intuitively connect with your pet they will go into a blissful state and will often find a cosy corner and go to sleep.

Let me help you and your pet – contact me now.