• Healthy People Have Healthy Pets

What do we wish most for our pets? - For them to be happy and healthy!

What we may not realise, is just how much our pet's health and happiness, depends greatly on our own.

It is not a pleasant or comfortable thought, that our pets behaviour, injuries, accidents and even diseases, may be due to where we are not listening to our intuition, dreams and aspirations and purpose.  That they may be mirroring, even putting their bodies on the line, to show us what we may not wish to look at or acknowledge our imbalances and where we are not living in our power. imbalances - where or how we may need to make changes in our lives, habits or behaviour in order to live healthier and happier lives.

In many ways, our pets, could be likened to angels, who have traded their wings for fur, loving us unconditionally and encouraging us to be a healthier and happier - so they can also be healthier and happier - and just like angels, they can only guide us, they cannot do it for us.

Our pets do not wish for us to feel guilt or shame, as these keep us stuck, it does NOT create change. They ask us to be compassionate, forgiving. loving and accepting of ourselves and our journey.

By learning to connect with our pets, we not only learn a lot about them, we also learn a lot about ourselves.

Our pets' story and actions, especially the ones we identify and deeply and personally connect with, are all ways in which our pets may help us heal. Consider these all ways in which pet help us become more of who we really are, or desire to be.

Our pets are divinely connected, they see us for who we are, past the masks we put on for people. By connecting with them open heartedly, we can see ourselves how they see us - unconditionally.

I invite you..

to learn how to tune in with your pet and yourself. Through blog posts, on line courses, workshops or guiding you via consultations via Zoom or phone.

I invite you to learn how to listen to them AND how to listen to yourself. We do not just owe it to them, we owe it to ourselves.... so contact me if this resonates with you. If you need guidance for your pet or  yourself.



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Tune into how your pet is helping you become healthier and happier and to live your dreams.



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