2016 – Was it a bit sh*t for you too?

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Year after year we are told and we tell ourselves - next year will be better. Hope is on the horizon. I ask: Is there another horizon I should be looking at? I saw stormy seas on this one!

I was doing something that I do not usually do - looking at my year in review. I was thinking something has to change...actually no... I was feeling. Thoughts can be easily dismissed, pain is a little harder to ignore (although we can do our best).

It seemed this year had not gone to plan. Did I even make one? On review, last year may have gone exactly to plan - a greater plan - a plan of my unknowing.

A year of learning to listen to and trust myself, over and above anyone or anything else, no matter what scare tactics others use to control or coerce you to their point of view.

A year of having to and then learning how to ask for help - we do not have to do it ALL ourselves. Asking for help does not mean we are incapable - it allows us to become MORE capable!

It has been a year for making tough decisions. I ending a good relationship with a good kind man because my heart was not fully in it. I saw myself as a bird in a cage, the door wide open but not daring to leave, fly or be free.

The ways in which we entrap or cage ourselves, (especially in relationships) oblivious to the choices we make because of others happiness, not our own.

Life can kick sand in your face. I am unsure if wearing goggles protects our eyes, or just blocks us from seeing the sand coming.

2016 is over. It may have been tough, but without it, would you be feeling as strong as you are now? Would you have bothered to find this deeper connection with yourself? Would you REALLY know what is important to you?

Look back without criticism and judgement about yourself. Look back with love and look at how much you have done.

Even if you feel you have not made it far along the path, have you actually just leapt to a different level?

Like me, have you been walking the same circle for years (same sh*t, different bucket) Have you been taking two step forwards, one back and four sideways? I bet if you look, this year you will have made a leap, however small, just enough to make you feel, that this year .... you can get your feet out of those damn buckets.

Congratulations - you made it to 2017!

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I have been working professionally with people and animals since 2008. During this time I have discovered patterns and correlations between pet's behaviour and health and their people - our pets often mirror what is going on for us. We want our pets to be healthy and happy. What we often do not realise, is our pets want the same for us. They are helping us to ascend - to be our empowered, happy and healthy selves. We love and care for our pets, sometimes more than ourselves - this is unbalanced and our pets would like us to put it the right way round - as our pets health and happiness really starts with our own.

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