22. Gate of Grace (7-12 March)

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Wow, we are starting with a big one. Fresh as a bud or old and twisted? This one can go to the core of humanity’s wounding, and thus our core wound(s). The biggest shared wounding is that of separation – the separation from our mother at birth and forgetting we are connected to source energy. Plus other wounds around connection and relationships such as:
  • Rejection
  • Shame
  • Guilt
  • Denial
  • Repression
As our pets can be one of our most heart felt relationships, it is our pets that may be the medium through which our core wounds might be activated and they are most commonly experienced in life as DRAMAS. The repeating theme or story of our life in different forms. The story that captures our attention.
This is a good time to remember to not shoot the messenger or your own foot. This is a time to have great compassion and forgiveness for yourself, first and foremost, and for others who are simply showing you where you are not allowing grace into your life. Where you may not being kind and tender to yourself, or others.
If you are a person who can forgive all your pets discretions and not your own, then this is particularly a time to learn to be gentle, tender and forgiving with YOURself also. To show yourself the grace of god.
Core wounds are insidious and tendril like, it can come out in many ways and it can play out in many ways. You may find your addictions being activated more intensely. Trying to stuff down your feelings with food, drink, drugs, medication. Distracting or ‘losing’ yourself by keeping busy, it could be with what you think is healthy or useful such as work, or it could be less useful such as too much television or social media. You may find your escape mechanisms being activated full time.
We have unfortunately been taught to believe that criticism and judgement will make us better people. Really???? Why are we not totally baffled by how completely we have bought into this? That by being critical and mean to ourselves, we will be nicer to others? What BS!! Kindness and tenderness to others starts with giving it to ourselves. It is not letting ourselves off the hook, it is totally and unashamedly being responsible for it.
It is doing the opposite to our wounding it is saying – even though I feel this way, I am not going to seperate, reject, shame, guilt, deny or repress myself. I am not going to continue to dishonour myself.
 In affirmative words:  “even though I feel this way, I connect, unite, accept, approve, respect, acknowledge, embrace, encourage and free myself. With grace, I love myself”.
Grace is an act of surrender, a state of ease. This is what is possible when we are able to step out of our wounding, when we stop making ourselves wrong and stop making ourselves wrong for how we feel.
Grace finds beauty in everything.
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