36. Gate of Exploration … Plus Mercury & Uranus

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I feel it is important to state this again and probably not for the last time. Although we are cannot stop the influence of planetary energies and transits, please remember we do not have to be victims to them. I have sifted through a number of blogs and videos and there is a bit of drama about some of the transits coming up – you do not need to buy into it.

We have choice! Choose your adventure…

  • Go further into fear, resist, kick and scream, argue with reality, create pain and drama for yourself and others because you don’t want change or because you do not like what is happening.
  • Choose love and surrender, tap into the lessons and gifts that change offers, have faith in yourself and source and ask for divine assistance if you need it. Embrace the new strength and wisdom you are receiving.

In A Course of Miracles simplicity “perfect love casts out fear.”. Your choice : Do you choose fear, or do you choose love?

Often understanding the bigger picture, makes it easier to work with what is happening, so does know transits are working towards our evolution, towards a more heart centered and intuitive human being (more feminine aspects in nature). In order for equality to be created, things need to shift and change … and your masculine aspects may want to fight it if it perceives it as losing power, rather than gaining greater collaborative power.

Sometimes the best way to build a strong new house, is to tear down the old and start with a solid foundation. Yes, it feels like chaos and there may be fear and grief about letting the old go… and excitement and fear about the new. The more aligned you are with what is happening – the less grief and easier the transition.

  • So – are you in alignment with creating a kinder, more loving and compassionate heart centered and intuitive earth consciousness that is considerate of the greater community including nature and animals?
  • Are you happy to release the dominating, controlling, destructive, “this is the way we have always done it” mind set, where money and more is the mindset of many?  And yes, lets please also acknowledge humanity has also survived and thrived because of it – medicine, technology, more knowledge for more people – nothing is all ‘bad’ – it may have just gone a bit far, time to rein it in, and get back balance.

If you find yourself feeling stuck in fear or despair, it may help to stop, tune in with yourself and ask the following question:

  • “Right in this moment, am I okay?”
  • “What would love do right now?”

And be kind to yourself if you forget these tools in the moment, you are not your adult self. You are likely to revert to a younger age when these trigger us at first. So ask “How old am I?”, and then be the adult and ask: “What do you need to feel safe/loved?”

Okay now what is happening …..

Hexagram 36 – Gate of Exploring / Turbulence

This transit has the higher possibilities of creating compassion in the world, for sharing the gift of humanity, living form the heart, and it is also about our sexuality.

This transit may create emotional nervousness or turbulence . Your initial reaction may be to:

  • internalise by resisting and push down the emotions, criticise or make yourself wrong,
  • or externalise it by creating your own soap opera – you may be in for a tumultuous ride.

If you are able to explore openly and honestly and embrace what is happening for you, you will make roads to creating greater harmony in your life and relationships. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable is powerfully transformative – ENSURE it is with someone you trust and feel confident in communicating with (as Mercury in retrograde may create misunderstandings).

If you have a cat – cats are here to help us with healing our sexual wounding, so if there is something going on with your cat, be especially aware of the message or healing they may be attempting to convey to you.

Your pets, or children, may challenge you around areas of relationship and compassion, be compassionate with your messenger(s), especially if they are putting your through the emotional ringer, upsetting your apple cart or creating drama in your life – they are invoking change for the betterment of all. This is a transit where if the turbulence is not addressed, accidents are more likely to happen. Own how you are feeling or your pets may be the ones who ‘do the work’ on you and for you.

If you can remember to re-centre yourself and ask “What would love do?” or communicate with your pet about what is going on for you. Do not blame or project it onto them, take ownership of how you are feeling about what has happened. Then say: “If you have taken on any of my emotional energy, thank you for your love. Please return it to me, I am now able to take responsibility for my emotions.”

This transit also has the energy to explore miracles, to work past the limits of our human story. To shift ideas on what we think is possible. To do this it may require being calm in the eye of the storm. Be compassionate, real and honest with yourself. Miracles cannot happen when you are in fear. Trust in divine order – we are evolving.

There is a lot here, so check in with yourself and stop here if it feels too much.

Mercury is here for the month and Uranus is here until 2026- there is time to come back later.

Mercury in Pisces – Retrograde March 7-30

When any planet is in retrograde (appears to be going backwards) it is an opportunity to look back and reflect on what is not working. Mercury represents or rules communications and technology, and so in retrograde it may not work so well. Mercury is also about creativity and creativity like all things has cycles, like the moon waxes and wanes and tides ebb and flow and brings great possibility. Focus on the possibilities, rather than the obstacles.

One thing to remember is that your head does NOT have the answers. Your head’s role is to question, so put out the questions of new possibility. (Don’t do what I did and ask “I wonder what a red back spider bit feels like?”… next day .. I got first hand experience). Ask questions you want to actually know the answers to.

Remember everything is just VIBRATION\FREQUENCY it is not ‘good’ or ‘bad’, it is just energy. Stop forcing outcome and see if you can be a bit more creative in creating what you would like to be possible in your life. “I wonder what it would feel like to feel safe and comfortable with change in this transit and to move gracefully through any turbulence or chaos that might present?”

Uranus – March 2019 – April 2026

Uranus has just entered the sign of Taurus and it will be there until April 2026.

Uranus governs rebellion and liberation. It is a great catalyst for change and can feel disruptive and like the rug has been pulled out from under your feet. Uranus will be assisting in getting rid of the old that no longer serves.

Taurus is an earth sign and so rule earth and land and is grounded and active. It also rules finances and material resources – so this is where things will be shaken up by Uranus. Taurus is ruled by Venus which represents values, morals, possessions, security, talents and self esteem. So we have a combination that will continue to shake up the financial institutions and make us reconsider how we view money. We may see greater compassion and respect for the earth and all of her creatures. We are creating a foundation for an economy driven more by service than by money. Are you in alignment with that? Well if you, allow what need to change to make it happen – change.


And there are of course many other things going on – we live in an energy soup. Watch out for the croutons.


Welcome to the invitation to experiment

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