As a child I wanted to be like Dr Doolittle. I wanted to talk with the animals. In my thirties, I grew up and realised that I could in fact 'talk' with them. It's never too late to live your childhood dream.

They say animals bring out the best in people. I can certainly attest my pets have helped bring out many things - not easy to admit, is that it has not always been my best.

Since learning to tune in with animals I have learnt many things about them, about me and about the nature of things in general. Animals really do want us to be our best and my animals have put their bodies on the line to show me what I have needed to see. Most importantly my pets have taught me that shame and guilt does not create change - forgiveness and compassion does - so with the help of my pets I have learnt to create change and forgive myself.

I wonder who or what I would be today if it was not for animals. As a child they were my best friends and as a adult they helped me find myself and find my balance. They gave me someone else to care for when I did not care that much for myself. They brought me into the present and they provided me with unconditional love and challenged me when nobody else could. With what I know now, I do not find it surprising that my years of suicidal depression, addiction and burnout were the years without regular connection with animals and nature. Although it may be true to say it felt like my horse was going to kill me a few times - it feels very true to say she saved me many times. Although it was an imbalance to love my horse more than myself - at least i had I had someone to love. And it was my love for her and her wellbeing that made me start looking after my own.

Animals have a way of showing us who we really are - the good, the bad, the ugly and I am glad to say, the compassionate and beautiful. We express ourselves more fully and honestly with animals, as we do not fear judgment. When you have been hurt by people it can be hard to trust them and it is no wonder we have such a deep connection with our pets, as few people are so unconditional. So few accept us fully for who we are.

Anger, was my bad and ugly....but girls should not be angry - so I turned much of my anger on the world and myself and when it was too much for me - I got angry with my horse. She became very aware of my moods and knew I was angry, before I did.  She would keep her distance and run circles around me, just close and far enough to frustrate and anger me. Once diffused or recognized, she would stop, come over and stand by me.

I have done A LOT of study and self development. The eternal student of Kinesiology, Theta, Reiki, Intuitive Anatomy, Bowen, Systemic Constellations, Human Design ... and countless others practices to develop a unique way of working with animals and people.

How 'complexly simple' relationships are with our pets and how they show us where we need to heal, change and be aware.

Pets, like children, quietly ask us to become better versions of ourselves. They ask us by their reactions, behaviours and illnesses. My horse had to put her leg through a barb wire fence before I took stepped through my limiting barriers to follow my childhood Dr Doolittle dream.

With the many animals I have worked and communicated with, it has become very clear that in order to help them, we need to help ourselves first - we need to become the most loving, empowered heart centered versions of ourselves. We need to learn to follow our heart, our intuition, our inner authority to manifest our dream and live our purpose. Without limitation. Without excuses.

...I know - easier said than done - but each time we take a step out of our comfort zone, our comfort zone gets bigger and our limitations get smaller.

It may sound corny, yet I trust you will feel the truth in my words - my purpose is to guide you to live your dreams and purpose - what ever it is - small or big.

My pets have been guiding me and teaching me to listen to them and myself, just like your pets are guiding you. I welcome the opportunity to guide you into being able to hear your pet's AND your own guidance, even if it is just confirmation.

My pets have shown me the way to being healthier and happier - because they have wanted the same for themselves!  They have shown me it is not by being self loathing, angry, living for them, or loving them more than myself.  It is not by being miserable and feeling like a victim. My pets have shown me that when I am compassionate, patient, self empowered, set healthy boundaries, eat well, sleep well and live a balance lifestyle - that when I feel better about myself, I take better care of them as I have time, energy and ability to.