Illness – the path to health

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Having a medical condition does not mean that you or your pet are not healthy. Diagnosis does not make you sick, attitude does.

Illness or I’ll-ness is a call to notice when we have got too caught up in our “I’, with our ego, identity, or mind and with what other think of us. It is a call to reconnect with our true nature, soul and heart, with our intuitive, creative and divine selves. With that which makes us, “all”, not just what makes me “I”.

I was ‘enjoying’ a life of idle-ness I-ness. I was caught up in what I was doing and doing to its fullest – RESISTING!

Once again it was my horse that snapped me out of my “woe is me”. A safety pin in her frog creating an abscess. It essentially told me I had to get to the point, lance (pin) my anger (abscess), get to the heart of what I stand for (frog is the heart of the hoof) … and stop making lame excuses!

How long have I been resisting doing what I have known for years, what my heart desires and what I keep getting drawn back to…and avoiding…and getting drawn back to. I mean how long have I been going to do certain things?

Life has a way of waking us up and when we are not listening to ourselves and the signs our bodies give us – and also often through our pets – because for some reason we care more about their ails than our own. (I will talk more about the imbalances of that and how it affects them in another time)

Quite simply, I have been resisting – but too quietly – I need to do more kicking and screaming!

The fibroids, anaemia, excessive bleeding and blood clots (DVT) …to name a few…for me have been a path to learning to get reconnected with my creative and intuitive self. To accept the gifts and heal the hurt of my ancestors passed through my blood line. My creative juices and energy was literally bleeding and draining out of me.

I had to learn to say “NO!” to doctors and experts who THINK they know best. To look them in the eye and say “We always have choice” when, full of fear themselves, they tell us we have no choice but to take their medicines or die. Really? Cut the theatrics, I do not agree.

Besides, I would rather live or die by my own choices, rather than follow the directive of fearful doctors or experts who look at me blankly when I ask “Do you really believe blood thinners are the best solution when I have anaemia due to losing too much blood?” When asked for alternatives, modern medicine seemed to have no solutions just more tests, often simply to confirm what it is not.

Another key – do not be afraid to seek alternatives. And doing nothing (or next to nothing) is not an alternative. Life just escalates until you wake up to what it is trying to tell you… and our pets getting involved may be part of that escalation.

Do your research. Use Dr Google wisely. There is a lot of helpful information out there – and there is a lot that is not. I really had to learn what felt right for me and be willing to trust and action it. Sometimes it does not work – and sometimes it is because it feels like too much hard work – just give me the magic pill. For long lasting change – the only magic pill I have found is the one at the very bottom – when you say F this, enough is enough! The magic pill ironically is not always less work, it just becomes easier to swallow.

I’m not out of the woods, but I can see the trees in the forest!

Pain is just a messenger – Do not shoot it – Do not fight it – Listen to it – or learn how to!

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I have been working professionally with people and animals since 2008. During this time I have discovered patterns and correlations between pet's behaviour and health and their people - our pets often mirror what is going on for us. We want our pets to be healthy and happy. What we often do not realise, is our pets want the same for us. They are helping us to ascend - to be our empowered, happy and healthy selves. We love and care for our pets, sometimes more than ourselves - this is unbalanced and our pets would like us to put it the right way round - as our pets health and happiness really starts with our own.

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