Mar 30 – Apr 4 – Gate 48 – Inadequacy /Depth / Inner Growth

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This gate is called The Well, the eternal resource for life that is never exhausted when we are careful and healthy in our conduct, it will be replenished daily.

Inner growth depends on drawing deep from our inner well, the source of the power to get the answers from the unknown – our intuition and emotional resourcefulness.

Our inner well and resource is our intuition, and learning to gather knowing from ‘the unknown’ and trusting the right answer will emerge at the right moment. This resourcefulness of intuition is like our own Room of Requirements (if you are a Harry Potter fan) containing all you need and it can provide a solution to all your imagined fears. As you learn to trust your knowing, life resolves effortlessly. It may not conform to the logical mind as the infinite is not something the mind can comprehend.

Our thirst for knowledge can increase insight. The question is are you tapping into feelings of inadequacy, of not knowing enough, not being enough, and instead of using knowledge at its highest frequency, which is as a source of wisdom, we find we use it in the lower frequencies using the quest for knowledge as a distraction, form of control or false security.

If you are identifying with the shadow of Inadequacy then quite often it is not that you do not know enough, it is that you are not using it in a healthy and wise way. Wisdom is to be shared with those who seek it. The best way out of feelings of inadequacy is to face it and do it. If you truly do not know enough then seek the skills, practice or information you require. If you are avoiding using your wealth of knowledge then it is time to DO something with it, knowing that you know more than your realize. There will always be more to learn, but you do not need to know it all to start. Just start.

As we work on our emotional patterns to create healthier emotional patterns in ourselves, we also pass it to others. This is transforming feelings of insignificance to self-fulfillment – a resource that cannot be diminished – our well within our self.

  1. NOTICE – Where or what do I feel inadequate about? Do I really need to know more or do I fear doing something with it?
  2. ACKNOWLEDGE – How does it make you feel if you do not get to share your knowledge, wisdom and skills?
  3. ACCEPT – Of course you feel this way. Where do you feel it in your body?
    CHANGE – What is the message or gift in this situation? What does your body want to tell you?
  4. FORGIVE – It is okay that I feel this way. I forgive myself for buying into the illusion that I am inadequate or not enough in some way. I am enough. I appreciate, accept and love myself>
  5. IMAGINE – What could you do with your knowledge, skills and talents? How would you like to feel about sharing them?
  6. WISDOM – Feel the wisdom in your new way of being

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