March 24th-30th: Gate 18 – Judgement / Correction / Perfection

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Gate 18, depending on the source of reference (refer below) is described as the Gate of:
(1) Judgement, Integrity & Perfection – The Healing power of Mind
(2) Correction – Work on what has been spoilt
(3) Putting an end to Compulsive Behaviour
(4) Poison

The names in themselves can be quite revealing but the general theme may be the question – Do you wish to continue to get caught up in the poison of your judgements, victim mind and sensitivity to what you consider to be your imperfections? This is a time when you may find yourself being highly critical of others and especially of yourself. Inferiority complex may be triggered.

Watch for your “not good enough“, “I am so ____<insert judgment here>“. This is a time to stop poisoning yourself with your judgements. Know that when you point a finger at another, you point three at yourself and that superiority is just another mask of inferiority, as if your truly knew your worth and value you would not have to compare or try to convince others of your greatness. It would be just know and unspoken.

Do you want to continue to get caught up in your own chaos, frustration, neurosis?

Do you want to continue to judge yourself as bad even though you know deep down that you are doing the best that you can with the resources available at the time?

Do you use your poisonous mind by using hind sight to convince yourself you are less than, wrong, not enough or not perfect?

My invitation to you this week is to sit and really pay attention to what your say about yourself, notice your self judgements and self criticisms. We can be so horrible to ourselves. We can say things about ourselves that we would never say about another… and we think it is okay or warranted. (Yes, it is a bit of a follow on theme from last week’s gate). We think if we judge ourselves harshly that we will become better people, but how does anything less than love make things better? Cruelty to others usually develops when we need a break from making cruel judgments about ourselves.

The opposite gate is 17 The gate of Opinions. Opinions are rooted in judgement and vice versa. The most common program instilled through childhood in the judgment of right and wrong and the opinions of why it is so.

Watch for these and when ever you notice it, I invite you to take a different approach – be tender and gentle with yourself. Acknowledge how you are feeling, give yourself permission to feel the disappointment / grief / ____ . Of course you feel the way you do. When have you felt like this before? Forgive yourself. Now shower yourself with the compassion and love that you desire and deserve. Your ‘imperfections’ are perfect, they are your unique experience in the world and from these your unique gifts and wisdom will emerge… what could be more perfect than that?

One of my favourite Marianne Williamson quotes:

Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?


Additional notes about the transits:

It takes approximately six days for the gate to transit the sun and each day has a different ‘flavour’ to the gate theme. It is essentially the path of transformation/healing from discovery to wisdom.  You will notice that the quick exercise above, goes through these six phases and so regardless of the gate and what it is representing, the gate actually gives you the energetic support and assistance to work through these phases. Pain and suffering is often a result of resistance.

  1. Creator – discovers it   (Notice)
  2. Dancer – expresses it     (Acknowledge)
  3. Changer – experiments and adapts it   (Associations)
  4. Server – spreads it     (Forgive)
  5. Fixer – pure practicality  (How instead?)
  6. Teacher – brings completion    (New wisdom)

This cycle also means things may ‘come to a head’ around the third day (mid transit). Learn to welcome chaos as the required energy to create more lasting change – clearing the old, so the new can be built on solid foundations.

Sending you much love and be gentle and tender with yourself … love yourself as much and as you love your pets. xx



(1) Gene Keys by Richard Rudd, Gene Keys Publishing 2009,

(2) The Definitive Book of Human Design by Lynda Bunnell, HDC Publishing, Carsbad 2017

(3) I Ching, A Spiritual Guide by Fritz Blok, Bluzo Products, Amsterdam 1997

(4) The Living i-Ching by Deng Ming-Dao , Harper Collins, Sydney 2013

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