I found the course friendly, non-pressuring, relaxed which I prefer as I find is the best way to learn. Cheryl, Melton


What did you take away from the workshop?
Confidence that I am on the path of learning that suits me. I enjoyed the workshop and the methods Angela used and taught us. With practice my gift will grow and I will learn to be true and believe in the process and be open to what I learn along the way.   Anne, Glenburn

Heaps. Being able to connect with myself (which is huge) and my dog. More confidence to continue and learn more in the future.  Cheryl, Melton


Toby (Long Neck Turtle)

I called up asking Angela Anderson for help with my turtle, Toby.  I have had Toby for over 8 years and he had never shed his shell.  You could physically see the layer upon layer building up yet he seemed unable to shed it.

As we focused on his shell in a session with myself acting as a surrogate, issues arose that were making him feel burdened.  These issues were directly related to myself, he could see that I was struggling to cope at the time and was trying to hold onto my stress for me.  Oh how we love our animals and they love us!  So through focusing on the emotions and allowing myself and Toby to release this energy I immediately felt a wave of calmness and overwhelming love.

In the coming weeks Toby began to shed his shell.  It took 3 weeks in total and when finished he had the most amazing colored shell with a beautiful luster about it.

Cathy, Albury NSW

Bowie (Ex Racehorse – Thoroughbred)

Angela Anderson has worked with my horse Bowie at two key times, so far – when I first brought him home, and after he injured himself by running through a paddock fence.

Bowie was initially very head shy, very anxious and nervous and deeply suspicious of anything not quite ‘normal’. He tended to freeze, and then explode, and the freezing meant that sometimes I did not realise that he was scared.

In the first session, Angela helped me identify the key issues for Bowie. With very little information from me, she both confirmed my thoughts about what had happened to him in his past, and elaborated on things that made sense, but that I had not even considered, such as a past bad floating experience.

When Bowie was injured, she defused the situation so I was calmer, and more clear headed. She also gave Bowie some emergency healing energy, which seemed to help him overcome the trauma of the experience. She also reminded me of how I could help him with energy work to support the first aid, which I am sure has helped him to heal faster.

Her work gave me confidence about what my intuition was telling me. It made me more trusting to do what I felt was right for Bowie and me, and she gave me exercises to develop trust in my decisions.

The work Angela did helped Bowie to overcome his fears in two ways – she worked on the key areas of stress for him in an energetic way, and she also helped me to trust, to develop my connection with him so that I was empowered and able to help him. Her help has been one of the key building blocks for my relationship with him.

I would recommend Ange as a practitioner for anyone looking to understand themselves better, and those looking to understand others around them – especially animals!- better. Her work subtly shifts energy so that you have the confidence in your own decisions and to trust in what is right for you.

Anna, North Dandenong VIC

Madison (Dog – Dalmatian)

Angela Anderson had helped me with my beautiful Dalmatian, Maddy.  As Maddy is now 12 years old she began to show a few symptoms of ageing.  These included a sagging backbone, stiffness when walking or running, pain when going from lying to standing.  She also had an anxious temperament and I could never get her to be the right weight. Through the sessions with Angela, Maddy’s issues kept reflecting back on issues that I had in my life and it was clear that she was taking on my stress and trying to help me as best she could.

Through releasing this stress and the emotions involved and telling Maddy that it was ok for her just to be her and that she didn’t need to take on my issues, I began to instantly see an improvement in all aspects of her life.  Her backbone no longer sags; she is able to move more freely, she is now a significantly more relaxed dog and a perfect weight.  Angela has helped to improve the overall health and well being of Maddy.

Cathy, Toorak VIC

Bo (Horse – Egyptian Arabian)

I almost can’t explain the difference in Bo – my Egyptian Arabian. He is a rescue horse and was afraid of the world. To Bo, the world was full of starvation and pain. He couldn’t relax in his paddock, had great difficulty trusting people and appeared to struggle with the loss of his herd of mares.

Bo and I worked together for 12 months to try to build his confidence and encourage him to relax. We are schooling at a Preliminary Dressage level (on a good day) but we reached a ‘brick wall’. I have tried herbs, diet modification and natural horsemanship but nothing seemed to work.

In desperation, I contacted a lovely lady, Anna, who referred me to Angela Anderson.

I cannot explain what it is that Ange has done but I can see a large difference in my beloved Bo. He seems to have matured greatly in the past few weeks. Bo is more settled under saddle and I have spied him lying down, sleeping, in his paddock – something I have never seen him do before. He has stopped pawing when tied up and seems content to wait with patience. I can only describe it in the following way – It is as though Bo has taken a deep breath and let out most of his stress.

Bo is an Egyptian Arabian and is blessed with the great intelligence, beauty and ‘attitude’ that all highly bred Arabians possess. He will always be flighty, arrogant and full of pride but he seems to be approaching life with a greater degree of confidence and maturity.

My deep thanks to you Ange, for all your work and help with Bo. I cannot even begin to understand how you do what you do; all I know is that it has made a wonderful difference to Bo.

My deepest thanks and kindest regards,

Melinda, Melbourne VIC


Angela Anderson is a great intuitive healer. She draws on different tools and techniques to support healing and personal growth on many levels. Angela has a vast knowledge of various healing modalities and combines them to suit the client. Angela’s gentle and empathetic nature made me feel comfortable, supported and cared for. The session with her was very insightful, informative and empowering. Her approach is very down to earth and in alignment with her nature principles. I found it very inspiring.

Christina, Melbourne VIC

Angela Anderson has been my kinesiologist now for over 6 years.  During this time I have lived in Albury and our sessions have been facilitated via phone calls.  It may seem difficult to believe that these sessions can be beneficial, but the progress made throughout each session for myself on all levels, being physical, mental, emotion and spiritual has been amazing.

Throughout different sessions she has helped me deal with a wide range of issues from lack of self love, addictions, clearing blocked throat chakra, reoccurring tension in the neck and shoulders, being fixated on certain issues, relationships, discovering my totems animals, moving forward and embracing life and so much more!

At the end of each session I always feel like an amazing person and have an overwhelming sense of love, clarity, strength, and direction.

Cathy, Albury NSW

I have been fortunate enough to have benefited from the wonderful healing assistance of Angela Anderson for long-standing, hard-to-shift, personal relationship issues and also to find peace and comfort when my dog’s physical health was in rapid decline. In my case, Angela used mostly Theta healing to help me gain greater understanding and a broader perspective on the situations that were causing me distress – distress that was mostly emotional, some of which, through lack of my dealing with it, had also manifested as physical pain and reduced function in parts of the body.

By gradually drilling down to reveal my underlying fears and then allowing the realization that really, there was nothing to fear and that I was safe, my awareness of my self and the situations improved. I was able to identify more options for proceeding and could see that for each option there were many possible outcomes. I was no longer stuck in a place of no movement but was back in a place of empowered choice, where I was free to feel and express my emotions openly and thus be able to move forward in, or from, those relationships/situations. This was in turn reflected in my experiencing emotional peace, a sense of renewed inner-strength and the physical pain dissipating.

Angela herself is an open, honest, down-to-earth person and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to clear the way to their highest potential.

Diane, Doncaster East VIC

After talking with Angela Anderson she thought she could help me as it may be caused by emotional problems in the past rather that physical causes.I was having trouble with my knees.Found it difficult to walk up stairs particularly if carrying suitcases etc. Very tentative of jumping from back of ute to the ground and other small height jumps.

I decided to give it a go and after one theta session over the phone, she was in Victoria and I on Flinders Island, my knees are as good as they were 20 years ago (I am 71) I have no pain and can now use them without continually feeling wary of them.
With Angela’s assistance it drew out something of my subconscious that had happened in my teen years that I was aware of but had never told anyone and I did not think unduly worried me. After accepting what had happened and getting it off my chest during the session with her, my body experienced a feeling that is very hard to explain, but since that time my knees have been great. It was much easier than having an operation on them, which still may not have fixed them. It is now over 2 years since my theta session with her.

David, Flinders Island TAS

I saw Angela Anderson for cold sores.  I would say I had an extreme cold sore problem having a bad outbreak nearly every two months for the past 10 years.  I had tried everything and even when my physical health was optimal I still suffered outbreaks.

My treatment with Angela was life changing!  What I learnt about myself and the changes that occurred made me thankful for my cold sores.  Angela’s intuitive ability and her accuracy of diagnosis was incredible.  She gently guided me through a subtle process that was to bring profound changes to my life.  Weeks later, I can still feel changes unfolding in my life.  Overall, I feel a sense of fulfillment, awareness and inner peace I have never experienced, and no sign of cold sores!

I have found Angela to be very professional in her work yet nurturing, gentle and highly intuitive.  She draws from a broad knowledge base and is highly skilled in many areas.  I highly recommended her.

Stephanie, Kangaroo Ground VIC