Good health has more to do with healthy thoughts and attitudes than lack of physical symptoms.

We have not been taught adequately how to deal with emotions, instead we have been taught to swallow, bury, deny and reject how we really feel. Women should not be angry, men should not cry...

Nothing likes to be ignored and emotions are no different. Like a two year old, when ignored things escalate and they scream louder to get noticed. We may try to make them quieter with 'lollies' …but the real problem is never resolved: Acknowledgment, love, acceptance, forgiveness.

Our pets pick up and take on our unresolved and avoided emotional stresses. And they ‘come back’ to us through their behaviour and dis-eases. We end up being forced to deal with them - through them.

If you recgonise this. Well done and congratulations, you are human and taken the first step. Awareness and acknowledgement.

Your next step: Instead of feeling bad about it, move past any feelings of guilt or shame and actually take action to make changes.

If you your next step is to get some guidance in working out what changes need to be made - call me, email me, text me.... (0424 027 810)

You can work with me in various ways:

Become more in tune with yourself and with your pet – be happier and healthier. Lead by example and let them follow your lead.



For the comfort of you and your pet I do sessions via phone or Skype. In a session we work with both you and your pet.


Coaching & Packages

We often need support to create long term change. Breaking the habit of being our ourselves may mean that we have to stand strong with others challenges and when they and ourselves ask "are you sure?"  

I cannot do the work for you, however I can 'hold your hand' or 'stand by' you, when you need that additional support or confirmation. Help you trust yourself more with each step.


Courses & Workshops

Stop saying "I wish I knew what they were saying." Learn how to tune in with your pet and learn to trust your intuition with on-line courses to suit all budgets.