Lighthouse Packages – To guide your way

When we are on the path of changing our lives and habits, we may see the path but we may not see the lighthouse guiding us. Sometimes the path is not always clear and direct. There is nothing wrong with needing additional support, a guiding light, to light the way, keep us on track, help you find your direction or provide warnings of where or what to steer clear of.

So much of our behaviour and patters are unconscious, determined by ancestral inheritance (programmed in our DNA) and also in the how we learnt to perceive the world in the first six years of our childhood and the beliefs and programs that were ‘wired in’.

For these and other ingrained and habitual changes, it is likely you will need additional support to help ‘re-wire’ and keep you on track to really break the habit of being ourselves ….or what we think is our self..or even have no idea who ‘our self’ is.

Our pets, and those nearest to us, are particularly good at finding what needs to be healed. Where we may need to change our childhood or ancestral perceptions, beliefs and programming, as it does not serve us any longer. They are adept as showing us where we need to find compassion and forgiveness for ourselves. We erroneously think that if we keep our guilt and shame alive we will not do that awful thing again – but we do  –  because energy flows to where attention goes.

The most common deeply held aspects that come up for healing:
• Anger / frustration / bitterness
• Anxiety / depression
• Feeling powerlessness or victimised
• Abandonment or rejection
• Shame or guilt
• Grief and deep loss

If you identify with your pet’s story and feel it is intertwined with our own – there is need for healing. Your pet can guide you through it, but if you need help understanding it all, you may need someone to guide you.

Generally our pets are showing us where we need to make changes or heal the underlying issues under:

• Our anger and frustration
• Why we do not feel self-empowered or stand up for ourselves
• Why we cannot set healthy boundaries
• Healing our emotional hurts, especially from childhood
• Our sense of deep shame and/or guilt
• Grief and deep loss that we find difficult to move through
• Loving and appreciating ourselves for who we are

If any of these areas are coming up in your life, if you are being triggered, or are struggling with these areas. If your pet or others close to you are showing you things in their behaviour or illnesses – it can often be obviously interpreted

  • If your pet is running away – where or what are you running away from? Or where do you need to remove yourself from?
  • If you pet has hurt it’s leg – where are you unable or not moving forward in life?
  • If you pet keeps barking at your neighbours – what do you think of that neighbour? Do you want to yell at them too?

It is amazing the many way in which life or our pets may be showing you the way – yet we dismiss it, or try to silence it – just like we do to our bodies by popping pain killers. A some time we have to wake up!

Your pet may be showing you something.  I am here to help you and your pet.  To support you in the challenges of creating changes in your life – no matter how big or small (why do they always feel big?) Sometimes we are so immersed in it, we do not see what others might see. We do not see the obvious. We do not see the annoying flash as a lighthouse.

When I started making changes it was because of my pets. I did not care enough about myself to make the changes I needed to make to to have a happier and healthier life. I was more concerned about my horse than I was about me. So if you are there at the moment that is good, I am here to light the way and guide you.

Coaching packages provides you with additional email, and ad-hoc call support, to help you in those difficult times and to support and encourage you to work past your old way and comfort zones.

Coaching packages come in 3, 5 & 7 session packages with additional support.