Does your pet display, or trigger in you, emotions such as:
• Anxiety
• Anger or frustration
• Powerlessness or helplessness
• Abandonment or rejection
• Shame or guilt
• Grief or deep loss

Are you worried or challenged by their behavior or disease and looking for a more holistic approach?

Do issues keep recurring despite veterinary assistance?

Do you feel at a loss about what to do about your pet?

Is your pet getting old and would you like to know what their wishes are?

If you would like assistance with these, or other issues please feel free to contact me.
….or check out my blog.


I know you care deeply about your pet or you would not be reading this. If you would also like to let go of self-blame and make change for the better – I invite you make contact for guidance.


Zoom or phone consultations
In a consultation I will be guiding you to tune in with your pet and yourself – this is easier, where you are both comfortable and relaxed in familiar environment and why I find zoom or phone consultations more effective. Plus no travel time – a huge bonus in our busy lives.