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Tuning in with your pet

Have you ever said:

  • I wish I knew what my pet was thinking
  • I wish they could talk to me
  • I wish I knew what is best for them
  • I wish I knew what they want (especially when sick or old)

Wish no longer … here is the course for you

Many animal intuition courses teach you how THEY do it – but it may not be how YOU do it.

And if you think that you cannot do this – if you have a relationship with your pet = you ARE communicating with them, and they ARE communicating with you. How would you like to deepen that connection and learn how to trust what you are getting?

I know intimately how our minds can trick us and what it is like to be filled with self doubt. Learn tips and tricks to help short circuit this process.

  • Imagine being able to know what is best for your pet.
  • Imagine being able to get information from the one who knows your pet best – YOUR PET!
  • Imagine being able to get information from someone who knows you best – YOU … and your pet!

Knowing how to tune in with your pet, is something you want to know BEFORE you need it. Before your pet gets sick or old…. Or also because they are sick or old. No matter what your situation, NOW is the best time to learn how to tune in.

So it is accessible to everyone, there are options to suit every budget.

  1. eBook – guiding notesĀ  + exercises and workbooks
  2. Video/Audio (+eBook) – eBook + webinar recordings and audios providing additional tips, information, Q&A and bonus material.
  3. LIVE Webinars (+eBook + Video/Audio) – All of the above, PLUS enjoy the benefit of joining LIVE fortnightly calls and/or listening to replays. Have your questions answered, receive guidance in tuning in working past blocks and doubts.

If your pet is sick or old, I recommend the LIVE package, so you have access to additional support needed at this time.

No matter what your situation – the best time to learn to tune in is NOW.



I miss them so much

Moving past the grief of losing a pet and helping you in their transition.